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Oostmahorn, Friesland
Holland & water
Boat to the island of Schiermonninkoog at the town of Oostmahorn in the province Friesland.
More information about this photo: Boat to Schiermonninkoog at OostmahornBoat to Schiermonninkoog at Oostmahorn


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Holland & water

Dutch Waters Short Information Sheet:

Located in the centre of The Netherlands, at the location of the former Zuiderzee (Southern Sea), the province of Flevoland was established on January 1, 1986; the 12th province of The Netherlands.

Parts of the former Zuiderzee (now called IJsselmeer) were drained to create this province. About 1,750 sq km of land were reclaimed from the former sea. The province of Flevoland has approximately 390,000 inhabitants, the city of Lelystad is its capital.

Holland Information Cloud:

Wadden Sea, Wadden Islands, Schiermonninkoog, Flushing Zeeland

Holland and the sea

Most of the land in The Netherlands are below sea level. It will be readily understood that dykes and dams are a very important feature of the country.

Haarlemmer Lake (Haarlemmermeer)

Haarlem Lake, or Haarlemmer Meer, as it was called, is now a polder in the province of North Holland.


Willem IJsbrandtszoon Bontekoe (1587-1657) was a captain in the Dutch East India Company who made only one voyage for the company.

Dykes, dams, sluices and locks in Holland

Holland is well known for the construction of its dikes and dams.

The Dutch on the Seven Seas

The Dutch, as befitted their maritime situation, were from an early date among those "who go down to the sea in ships."

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