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Dutch Herring ("Hollandse Nieuwe" Haring)
A typical Dutch snack is the "Hollandse Nieuwe" or "Zoute Haring" ("soused herring"). It is raw herring.


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Dutch Herring ("Hollandse Nieuwe" Haring)

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A typical Dutch snack is the "Hollandse Nieuwe" (trans.: "Holland New One"), or "Zoute Haring" ("soused herring"). It is raw herring from the North Sea catches end of spring.

The herring has been cleaned, the head is removed and it is conserved in a special way with salt. The "Hollandse Nieuwe" is typically eaten with raw onions and pickles. The Dutch way of eating it: first picking it up by the tail and then letting it slide into your mouth gradually.

Or eat your herring on a sanwich, it's called a "Broodje Haring", meaning "Herring Sandwich". All these fine fish delicacies can be bought at an Dutch street-side herring fish stall. Typical Dutch food, so give it a try!

Buy this Photo as a Postcard! Dutch Broodje Haring ("Herring Sandwich") with onions and pickles, typical Dutch snack - Original Art Card by Dutch photographer designer Jan Peter Krik.

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